Best Budget kamado Grill

Best Budget kamado Grill – Introduction

Are you looking for a best budget Kamado Grill? We are here to provide Kamado grill for residential use which is the best among the top outdoor kitchens. Present day charcoal-powered devices are modifications of thousands years old Chinese and Indian ceramic cooking ovens and urns. These are replicas of ancient burial urns. They are manufactured from the same materials that are used to make klins pizza ovens and crucibles. The materials used are refractory materials or ceramics.

These are excellent insulators which efficiently store and radiate heat. Their best feature is that these roasters and smokers absorbs and reflects heat from sides and domes which helps pizzas and breads cook properly from the top. This feature makes them the best backyard roasters and smokers. These are best for making paella and tandoori bbq dishes. Every year new entrants make their way into smokers and grill market due to their increasing demand.

What is a Kamado Grill

Even though the Kamado grills have gained popularity in recent years but in reality these are around 3000 years old. The original concept of the Kamado comes from China or Japan. In India the concept of Tandoor has the same origin. Americans observed these grills after the end of Second World War. After that some of the grills were shipped to the US and then the concept started to gain momentum. These Best Budget kamado Grills are gaining more Popularity these days.

6 Best Budget kamado Grills Overview

E16620 Akorn Kamado Grill

1- E16620 Akorn Kamado Grill Our Top Pick

Weight: 97 Pounds
Cooking Area: 441 sq. inches
$329.00$374.99 Buy on Amazon
Char-Broil Kamander Grill

2- Char Broil Kamander Best ON Budget

Weight: 117.5 Pounds
Cooking Area: 327 sq. inches
$774.99$824.99 Buy on Amazon
Summit Kamado E6 Grill

3- Summit Kamado E6 Best on demand

Weight: 131.7 Pounds
Cooking Area: 375 sq. inches
$824.99$874.99 Buy on Amazon
KJ23RHC Classic Joe II Grill

4- Kamado Joe KJ23RHC More Versatile

Weight: 250 Pounds
Cooking Area: 250 sq. inches
$877.99$899.99 Buy on Amazon
Primo 774 Ceramic Grill

5- Primo 774 Ceramic Grill Best Compact Option

Weight: 95 Pounds
Cooking Area: 210 sq. inches
$1209.99$1249.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Budget kamado Grill

6- Pit Boss 71220 Kamado Best Large Portable

Weight: 178 Pounds
Cooking Area: 662 sq. inches
$1218.99$1274.99 Buy on Amazon

How kamado Grills Work

You have to place your food inside the grill and then close the lid during cooking. You have to repeat the same procedure with every cooking technique. When the lid is closed, the shape of the kamado creates a current of hot air. Because only some of the air can escape from the vent and the heat circulates around the ingredients or dish. This technique resembles to a charcoal-fired convection oven. By closing the lid, you make sure that as little heat as possible is lost and that the ceramic barbecue maintains the desired temperature. This mechanism gives the cook a complete control over the cooking procedure.

Trusted Brands – For Buying Kamado Grill

Kamado grills are a large investment. If you’re looking for a Best Budget Kamado Grill that will last, make sure you choose one from a trusted brand. Although generic or store-brand grills are usually cheaper upfront, the quality and warranty is often poor. We recommend these brands of Kamado grills:

  • Kamado Joe
  • Primo
  • Pit Boss
  • Kamander

Any of these brands is a sure bet.

6 Best kamado Grills with Reviews

Now lets have a Detail Review of 6 Best Budget Kamado Grill, so that you can have a better idea about which grill to choose according to your Budget and Requirements.

1- E16620 Akorn Kamado Grill

$329.00 $374.99
Our Top Pick
Weight: 95 Pounds
Cooking Area: 470 sq. inches
Intended Use: Events, Parties, Camping, Home
Detail Overview

This kamado grill has a primary cooking area of about 314 square inches on cast iron cooking grates and an additional 133 inches on its upper rack. This gives you ample space for smoking, cooking, and much more. This grill is able to withstand temperatures ranging from 200 to 700 degrees. This makes it suitable for all types of cooking styles. You can quickly identify the position of your damper by looking at its numbers.

This cooking grill has triple-walled 22 gauge steel instead of ceramic. It has a powder-coated exterior with an interior of porcelain-coat. It has two metal foldable shelves to store sauces, rubs and spices. You can fold down the shelves when they are not in use. There is an ash pan for cleanup purpose and this ash pan makes cleaning easier. The cart is made of tubular steel and has 8-inch rubber wheels that makes it easier to position it precisely. It weighs 100 pounds heavier than ceramic grills but it’s still very heavy. A cookbook is given along with grate which can be very helpful for those who are new to kamado grilling.

What we Like
  • Durable Metal Construction
  • Lighter in Weight than Ceramic kamados
  • Exterior stays surprisingly cool
What we don’t
  • Smoking accessories not included
  • Heat control takes practice

2- Char Broil Kamander

$774.99 $824.99
Best on Budget
Weight: 95 Pounds
Cooking Area: 470 sq. inches
Intended Use: Events, Parties, Camping, Home
Detail Overview

The Kamander Charcoal Grill by Char-Broil is also a Kamado Grill. The price of Kamander is just $349.99 keeping in mind the Char-Broil’s goal to remove consumer pain points. This is comparatively lesser than the basic Big Green Egg with stand that costs about $1,000. This makes Char Broil one the most affordable kamados options available. This Kamander is more robust and it`s heavier than the Akorn. It has an innovative airflow design which makes cooking experience better. The air intake vent is located at the cooking-grate level instead of being located at the bottom of the cooker.

This helps you to avoid bending over to adjust its damper. It has a large, removable ash pan for easier dumping of ashes. The ring of air intake holes around the Kamander helps in uniform circulation of air. Although there are little compromises made to make the Kamander more affordable but it still manages to deliver solid kamado cooking at a far lower price than other brands.

What we Like
  • Easier Airflow Control
  • Primary & Secondary Cooking Surfaces
  • Removable Internal Ash Pan
What we don’t
  • Heat Control not Easy
  • hard to smoke and maintain 200 to 300 degrees

3- Summit Kamado E6

$1249.99 $1299.99
Best on Demand
Weight: 95 Pounds
Cooking Area: 470 sq. inches
Intended Use: Events, Parties, Camping, Home
Detail Overview

The Weber Summit Charcoal Grill marks a departure from George Stephen’s Weber Kettle. This is Weber’s first major update to the Kettle in many decades. While the prices are comparable to Summit gas grills or premium-quality kamados. These are a significant upgrade from the Kettles that we love. While a Weber Kettle is still able to grill and smoke, the Summits are simply better. The new Summits offer more power, more flexibility, and greater ease-of-use. The Summit is a great charcoal smoker and has an adjustable coal grate for even better searing.

What we Like
  • Dual-walled insulation for quick temperature
  • One-Touch cleaning system
  • Adjustable grate for low and slow smoking
What we don’t
  • Weber customer support is garbage.
  • Some parts are missing
  • Overrated, Cheaper Options Available

4- Kamado Joe KJ23RHC

$877.99 $899.99
More Versatile
Weight: 95 Pounds
Cooking Area: 470 sq. inches
Intended Use: Events, Parties, Camping, Home
Detail Overview

This classic kamado grill is an 18-inch grill which is the most favorite among the others. It has a stainless lid that can be opened with just two fingers and this makes it easier to use. With a unique ash drawer for cleaning the grill and this makes cleaning the grill quick and easy. It has a low heat setting and has a 406 square inch cooking area for quickly making pizzas. It can also maintain heat between 225 and 750 degrees. There is an integrated thermometer which allows you to easily check the temperature. However the top vent will stay exactly where it is set to maintain the heat. There are side shelves to store tools and plates. It has a four-wheeled stand that allows you to position the grill in place.

To cook different types of foods at different temperatures there is a divide and conquer system. There is a grate gripper tool provided which makes it easier to move or rearrange the grates. There is stainless steel rack with two halved grates for grilling and two ceramic heat deflectors.

What we Like
  • Ceramic Body retains Excellent Heat
  • Smoke Chamber is included
  • Three-tiered cooking system
  • Easy to install
What we don’t
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy
  • It takes time for temperatures to change

5- Primo 774 Ceramic Grill

$1209.99 $1249.99
Best Compact Option
Weight: 95 Pounds
Cooking Area: 470 sq. inches
Intended Use: Events, Parties, Camping, Home
Detail Overview

Kamados can be used to cook food hot and fast. Although it is not suitable for two-zone cooking due to its cone-shape. But these primo cookers are oval-shaped to serve the purpose. These However, there are some exceptions to this rule, such as the Primo cookers which are oval-shaped. These primo cookers come with two-position split cooking grates. They are flexible to use as they can be placed high for indirect cooking, or flipped over to place foods low to the fire for sear. They have half-moon-shaped grates which make it easier to differentiate between direct and indirect zones. Place charcoal on one side, and place one grate above it, positioned down low, for a direct zone. The other grate can be placed higher and further away from the fire for indirect zone.

What we Like
  • Evenly heat across the entire surface of the grill
  • Super Ceramic is protected by a lead-free and scratch-resistant glaze
  • Unique shape allows diverse cooking options
What we don’t
  • Packaging is absolute horrendous
  •  Tops out about 250 to 300 F and goes up and down in temp

6- Pit Boss 71220 Kamado

$1218.99 $1274.99
Best Large Portable
Weight: 179 Pounds
Cooking Area: 662 sq. inches
Intended Use: Events, Parties, Camping, Home
Detail Overview

It’s possible to swap between our first and second choices. Our first choice would be Joe because of its wide range of accessories. For detailed information and comparison, you can read our Kamado Joe VS Big Green Egg article. The modern versions of original kamado grills are Big Green Eggs. In 1974, Atlanta was the first Big Green Egg store. This company is developing more efficient, durable and long-lasting versions of grills since then.

These grills are installed with exceptional insulation properties. The materials used to manufacture these grills are high-tech which makes them better. The ceramics that are used in these products are actually made by NASA for their space program. Other design features have been improved over time include a patented vent system that provides superior temperature control, easy-open hinges, and stainless steel cooking grates.

What we Like
  • Dual tier cooking grates provide even more space
  • Cast Iron top gives you full control over air flow
  • heavy ceramic body is ideal for efficiently burning charcoal
What we don’t
  • Seriously expensive
  • Gap in Lid
  • Customer service is horrid

What to Look For When Buying Best Budget Kamado Grill

Kamado grills can be a huge investment. A buyer has an idea of what kind of kamado grill he wants. But before you make a purchase and sign up for your credit card, be sure to review the following:

Build Material

For a best kamado grill you should choose thick ceramic material. Ceramic is durable that is heat and rust resistant which is long lasting. The only disadvantage is that if it falls it can crack. For this reason you have to be careful while moving it around. The size is smaller than other alternatives but the capacity is enough to fit food for the whole family.
If you don’t have a dedicated space for grills and you have to move the kamado grill frequently then steel units with porcelain glazes are an option. They are also more resistant to heat and less likely to rust than painted stainless steel grills. Steel is lighter than ceramic so they are available in a wider variety.

Quality Construction

When shopping for a grill make sure to check things such as metal fittings and wall thickness. The more metal in the grill, the more it is likely to rust. This will affect the seal and effectiveness of your grill.

A-Quality Kamado Chimney

As Kamado chimneys are exposed to heat and other elements. This put more stress on the chimney so you need to make sure it is made from durable and long-lasting materials. The materials that are less likely to rust. All the fittings must also be tightened to ensure that airflow is controlled and heat flows through the cooker evenly.

Top Vent Style

A vent should have a double wheel to ensure the best temperature control. This double wheel allows you to set your grill at just the right temperature.

Quality temperature gauges

You have to find best quality gauges to avoid slow cooking. As the last thing you want is to slow cook a roast or make a crispy pizza. Temperature is not maintained if you lift the lid and the heat is released making the food cold. To avoid inaccurate readings, make sure you get a good-quality thermometer. A thermometer that is quick and accurate will allow you to take the right time and get the exact measurement you need.

Examine the overall strength

You can determine the strength of kamado barbecue grills by looking closely at the hinges and latches. You have to inspect the quality of the base by touching it. It can easily tell if the base feels sturdy or cheap.

How to Cook Grates

All cooking grates vary from one and another. Main reason is that the quality of materials used to manufacture the cooking grates make them different. Kamado grills are usually equipped with enameled-steel cooking grates. However, some models come with 305 stainless steel. Both options are good to buy.
You need to look for hinges in the cooking grates. The purpose of a hinge is that it allows easy access to the area beneath the grate to add more smoke wood or clean it deeper after cooking. These hinges makes it easier for you to take the grate out altogether and search for a place to put it while you reach the space below.

Ample Cooking Space

This the most important feature in kamado grills to have good enough space to cook tri-tip, rack of ribs, or brisket. Otherwise it’s really annoying that you are unable to cook meals at one time. Keep in mind the amount of guests you will invite and the types of meat that you will cook before you make your purchase.
If you plan to invite between 6 and 10 people at once you should go for a large kamado grill. If you are cooking for yourself or a few friends, a smaller standard size, such as 9.5 inches, will work.

Final Thoughts on Buying Best Budget Kamado Grill

E16620 Akorn Kamado Grill is the perfect option for outdoor grilling at large family gatherings. The 28 inch Griddle Classic is ideal for large and small groups. It has a remarkable 30000 BTU Heating Power and can cook up to 44 hotdogs simultaneously. The Rear Grease Management System makes it easy to cook any food anywhere and anytime with minimal mess.

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Is it worth buying a kamado charcoal?

Charcoal kamados are excellent smokers due to their ceramic insulation. These smokers can smoke for as long as 18 hours with a small charcoal load (or longer with full loads), making them one of the most cost-effective.

Can you use regular charcoal in a kamado grill?

Hardwood lump charcoal is the best choice. Charcoal briquettes are a good option, but they don’t provide the best fuel for your Kamado grill.

Is it possible to burn wood on a kamado charcoal grill?

Kamado grills can use both wood chunks and wood chips. However, they should be treated differently. Dry wood chips burn too fast because they are small. To get a slow, smokey burn, soak them in water.

Is Kamado Joe simple to clean?

Kamado Joe Classic Grills and Big Joe Grills have easy to remove ash. To remove any ash from your Kamado Joe, you will need to use the included ash tool before each cook. The ash collected in the pan will be deposited through the firegrate.

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