Best Flat Top Grill Reviews for 2022

Best Flat Top Grill – Introduction

Looking for Best Flat Top Grill? Party without Grilling, Surely a Bad Idea. When it comes to grilling in Parties then Flat Top Grills are popular these days. These grills produce extreme hot, uniform cooking surface to cook everything from burgers and steaks to grilling vegetables, and pancakes. These grills are not just for parties but also be used to cook your Breakfast as well.

Even though a gas-powered grill might not offer the same Smokey flavor like a charcoal grill. If you’re planning to placing breakfast foods to grill on, it shouldn’t be an problem. If you’re not sure which grill to select from the various flat-top grills. We have put together a list of the top Flat Top grills along with their reviews to help you choose the most suitable one based on your needs and requirements.

What to look for in a Best Flat Top Grill?

When searching for Best Flat Top Grill, following points should be kept in mind in order to select the Best Grill.


Before you take any other action take into consideration the space that you have in your backyard or on your deck or patio should be considered. Certain grills with flat tops are heavy, bulky, and require lots of space to store them. When compared to the dimensions overall, what the grill weighs, the weight is the entire cooking area. The measurement is in inches squares. We examine all the grill’s dimensions in the feature tabs in our reviews. For families with young children, 300 square inches will suffice. Families with larger families or those who frequently hosts large gatherings should think about flat-top grills that provide at least 500 square feet of space for cooking.


The mobility feature is a vast variety of grills with flat tops are equipped with carts that have locks to lock the wheels. This makes it much simpler moving them about your backyard. If you’re in the market for portable grills to tailgate take a look at some of the grills that are smaller we’ve looked at that easily fit into the trunk of your car.


Grills with only one burner are limited in their use. Grills with multiple burners allow you to make multiple cooking zones. It is crucial to manage the burners in a separate manner to give maximum flexibility. The more burners you have the quicker the grill can be brought to temperature.

Temperature Control

Control of temperature control of gas griddles can be much easier for a novice to learn than those used when cooking with charcoal.

Cooking Surface

Surface for cooking cast iron and stainless steel cookware surface are exceptionally solid and will hold heat longer and are not warped. The stainless steel and chrome cookware plates can cost more however they are also more efficient.

Cleaning Efficiency

Cleaning efficient flat top griddles feature exceptionally efficient plates and control systems. They are easy to clean

5 Best Flat Top Grills Overview

Blackstone Flat Top Grill

1- Blackstone 1517 Griddle Our Top Pick

No of SS Burners: 2
Cooking Area: 470 sq. inches
$285.99$299.99 Buy on Amazon
Cuisinart Flat Top Grill

2- Cuisinart CGG-888 Best on Demand

No of SS Burners: 2
Cooking Area: 380 sq. inches
$184.41$256.68 Buy on Amazon
Royal Gourmet Grill

3- Royal Gourmet PD1301S Best Compact Option

No of SS Burners: 3
Cooking Area: 316 sq. inches
$138.60$199.99 Buy on Amazon
Country Smokers Grill

4- CSGDL0590 Country Smokers Grill More Versatile

No of SS Burners: 4
Cooking Area: 597 sq. inches
$204.99$249.99 Buy On Amazon
Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

5- Camp Chef Flat Top Grill Best Large Portable

No of SS Burners: 4
Cooking Area: 604 sq. inches
$529.99$590.99 Buy on Amazon

What are Flat Top Grills

Flat-topped grills have been used for centuries in various designs and evolved through various civilizations. They’re highly sought-after for outdoor cooking during those camping excursions that are fun and enjoyable.

Grills with flattops are shaped like a griddle but it is different in a sense that it is equipped with the heating element which is circular rather than linear (side from side). This creates a super heat, uniform cooking surface because heat is distributed evenly over complete surface, allowing Flattop grills to cook anything from steaks and burgers, to grilling veggies, or even making pancakes.

You’ll likely cook your breakfast in a stylish manner However, you may also prepare sandwiches and Japanese Teppanyaki using Flat Top Grills. Flat-top grills are made of propane tank.

What is a Flat Top Grill Used For?

Flat Top grills are in high demand at seafood restaurants because of their consistency, versatility in use , and the capacity it is able to cook everything, from eggs to seafood, pancakes as along with sauces as well as hamburgers. It provides a uniform temperature and cooks meals in a consistent way.

In Cuban cuisine there is a Cuban sandwich (ham and roast pork and Swiss pickles and cheese) and it is typically cooked in a plancha using Flattop Grill . In Chilean food restaurants you can grill your beef. Also, they have a long tradition of cooking seafood using flattop grills. Flattop grills feature characteristics that are typical of Asian cooking, like Teppanyaki, as well as Mongolian barbecue. Flatbreads are a staple of India (dosa, Paratha, the chapati and Roti) and also those originated from in the Middle East (pita), Africa (injera) and Jamaica (bammy) are generally cooked on flattop grills.

Best way to clean a Flat top Grill

As you may have guessed the majority of grills are made from metal alloys that are made up of iron such as cast iron or carbon steel. They are therefore likely to rust in the event that they are exposed to oxygen and moisture for a long time without actions. It is possible to avoid this by regularly cleaning your grill.

5 Best Flat top Grill Reviews

Now lets have a Detail Review of 5 Best Flat Top Grills, so that you can have a better idea about which grill to choose according to your Budget and Requirements.

1- 1517 Blackstone Flat Top Grill

$285.99 $299.99
Our Top Pick
No of SS Burners: 2
Cooking Area: 470 sq. inches
Ignition Type: Electric Ignition with 2 Zone Heating Control
Intended Use: Events, Parties, Camping, Home
Detail Overview

If you’re keen on outdoor grilling for large gatherings consisting of Family & Friends then Blackstone Grill is the best option. The Classic 28″ Black Griddle is perfect for both Big and small crowds. With a dazzling 30000 BTU of Heating Power, The cooking surface is large enough to cook up to 44 hotdogs at the same time. The Rear Grease Management System, you are able to cook any food, anywhere, anytime , with no mess and easy clean-up.

It has a surface of 470 square inches, which provides ample space to cook breakfast for a big family as well as the ability to cook more than eggs and bacon on this grill. Beginning this grill with liquid propane is as easy as pressing the button and it will start the two 15,000 BTU burners. Each burner can be controlled independently which allows you to set up two cooking zones.

The grill’s frame is constructed from sturdy powder-coated steel. The grill’s cooking surface is constructed of cold-rolled steel. It is among the finest materials for flat-top grilling. Even though this grill is heavy, at just 75 pounds, it’s on a cart equipped with wheels that lock for easy transportation. The grill’s shelf can be used to accommodate tanks of 20 pounds of liquid propane. All you require to start grilling as a pit master in the event that you’re an absolute novice.

What we like
  • Restaurant Style Cooking
  • Twin Burner for Uniform Heating
  • Built-in Grease Catcher
  • Cold Rolled Steel Cooking Surface
What we don’t like
  • Some Quality Issues

2- CGG-888 Cuisinart Flat Top Grill

$184.41 256.68
Best on Demand
No of SS Burners: 2
Cooking Area: 380 sq. inches
Ignition Type: Propane Gas
Intended Uses: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Parties
Detail Overview

Enjoy 360deg of griddle cooking flexibility! If you’re catering to a small gathering or for a large gathering this Cuisinart 360deg griddle cookery center will impress anyone. Lunch, breakfast and dinner The 22″ wide cooking center is capable of handling it every day! It has the 360deg grease pan and rear grease cup that allows an easy clean-up and easy access. This cooking center also comes with a simple access the holder for paper towels. Additionally, it comes with an stainless steel lid that has an integrated vent, which enhances the capabilities of a standard grill. The lid gives you the flexibility to roast, steam and smoke, or even warm breakfasts, eggs and pancakes to stir-frys or burgers and stir-fry, it’s the Cuisinart 360deg griddle cooking center lets you experiment with your culinary ideas.

Cuisinart offers a large bench of high-quality and cost-effective kitchenware. This flat-top grill is another great model. The cooking center of the griddle is equipped with two burners that produce a total energy output of 3000 BTU. The burners are individually controlled and allow you to create cool and hot areas on the griddle to allow for the greatest flexibility. The grill is equipped with the vented lid made of stainless steel. 

In addition to grilling, you are able to roast, smoke, bake and even steam food within this grill. The assembly process is simple and you can be able to start using this configuration in less than 30 minutes. A fold-down prep table can be useful, and it has room for an holder for paper towels beneath so that you can keep everything you need on the ready. A large grease catcher allows the grill more clean and also makes life easier in clean up following grilling.

What we like
  • 360-degree Grease Pan
  • Locking Wheels and Towel Rack
  • Easy Assembly with Folding Prep Table included
What we don’t like
  • Only 2 Burners for Such Flat Grill Surface

3- PD1301S Royal Gourmet Table Top Gas Grill

$138.60 $199.99
Best Compact Option
No of SS Burners: 3
Cooking Area: 316 sq. inches
Ignition Type: Integrated Piezo igniter
Intended Uses: Picnics, Tailgate Party, Camping, or BBQ Nights in the patio.
Detail Overview

Stop fumbling with the bulky, heavy backyard griddles and display this latest grill master, the Royal Gourmet(r) 3 Burner PD1301S Portable Gas Grill Griddle, to take your family on outings. The griddle features 3 round stainless steel burners with a total 25,500 BTUs in output. It is equipped with the top of the griddle, which is enameled with porcelain with an area of 316 square inches for cooking space.

The large space is ideal to fry eggs, rice and hash browns, French toast, bacon, and hamburgers. A durable control panel with piezo ignition system that allows rapid start-up and makes cooking barbecues easier than ever. A large oil container holds grease remnants for quick cleanup after use. The compact design offers ease for picnics, tailgate celebrations, camping, or even a night BBQ in the backyard. We also offer the grill cover that has an extra-thick PVC coating that’s waterproof.

First of all, you’ll get a portable and super-smooth grill however, you’ll still get a huge 331-square-inch cooking area. The flat griddle top made of porcelain can be used to cook the breakfast items you love and more. Start the grill each time using an efficient and reliable piezo ignition system that is built into the. When it’s lit the burners release an production of 25,500 BTU which means you’ll have plenty of firepower to cook your favorite foods.

What we like
  • Perfect for Outdoor Cooking
  • Porcelain Enameled Top
  • Fast and Even Heating with three SS Burners
  • Sliding Grease Cup for simple cleaning
What we don’t like
  • Complaints about Packaging

4- CSGDL0590 Country Smokers Portable Flat Top Griddle

$204.99 $249.99
More Versatile
No of SS Burners: 4
Cooking Area: 597 sq. inches
Fuel Type: Propane Gas
Intended Uses: Great for camping or backyard cooking
Detail Overview

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are more delicious than ever before thanks to The Horizon Series, Highland 4-Burner Portable Griddle by Country Smokers. This griddle is powerful & constructed of durable stainless steel that has 44,000 BTU’s. It comes with an griddle top made of steel that is pre-seasoned using organic plant-based oil. It has 597 sq inches of cook space it’s the ideal device to serve a family of 10 or more. 

You’ll appreciate the flexibility and ease the Highland Portable Griddle can offer. Four burners independent of each other provide massive heating, and the extra-long sides keep out temperature fluctuations. Slowly simmer soups or grill hot steaks without worrying about elements or the wind tampering on your cooking heat. With the compact, user-friendly Highland 4-Burner Portable Grill, you can cook any dish, at anytime. It’s simple. It’s hard to compete with Country Smokers when it comes to flat-top grills that are portable We couldn’t resist to feature the larger sibling to the model that is featured above. 

This grill with four burners is similar with the smaller model in regards to features, like the stainless steel griddle which is pre-seasoned with organic plant-based oils. However, this grill produces 4,44,000 BTUs of heat, with same 597-square-inch cooking area perfect to flip burgers and hot dogs for 10 people. It’s also a bit heavier, at 48 pounds, but it’s still manageable in two people.

What we like
  • Pre-seasoned, Portable and Lightweight
  • Ample Cooking Surface
  • protective burner covers to maintain heat
What we don’t like
  • Legs feel flimsy

5- Camp Chef Flat Top Grill

$529.99 $590.99
Best Large Portable
No of SS Burners: 4
Cooking Area: 604 sq. inches
Ignition Type: Matchless Ignition   
Intended Uses: For Large Parties where you serve Food for 50-100 people every hour
Detail Overview

Its Flat Top Grill is good in one area above anything else–fast food delivery. The 600-square. inch surface lets you prepare food for 50-100 people per hour. Your guests is guaranteed to never go hungry. Most grills feature hot spots, however our flat tops provide even heat and heat dispersing design. Customers appreciate the variety of cooking options of Flat Top Grill offers. Flat Top Grill offers. For breakfast, use the griddle to make pancakes bacon, hash browns vegetables, and also to heat water. 

Later, for dinner and lunch Remove the griddle and make use grill’s massive grates to cook hamburgers, shish kabobs. This is the top flat-top griddle/grill available in the market! Camp Chef is one of the best grills that are in top class, such as the powerful 4-burner model. Like all larger and more bulkier grills, you must confirm that you have enough space to fit it before purchasing. 

Although the grill is large and heavy, the cart’s wheeled design allows you to move it around when needed. Each burner are rated at 12,000 BTU which translates to the total output of at 50,000 BTU. Take out the grease catcher to ensure a stress-free clean-up. Two shelves that are large are able to fold away from your way when they are not needed.

What we like
  • Good at Feeding People Fast for Large Parties
  • True Seasoned non-stick cold rolled steel griddle
  • Easy Cleaning with grease tray & catch bucket
  • Super Fast Heating with Four 18,000 BTU burners are
What we don’t like
  • Heavy & Bulky Grill
  • Difficult to Handle for Everyday Cooking

Final Thoughts on Buying a Flat Top Grill

With wide selection of Flat top grills and griddles available today in Sizes to meet the needs of all.

We discuss the disadvantages of these grills, as well as looking at how they can help the user, meaning that you don’t encounter any unpleasant surprises once you bring your grill at home.

When you’ve figured out the range of menus you could create using an open-top grill, you’ll use it for more than just breakfast.

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Is Blackstone the best flat top griddle?

For less than $250, you can purchase the restaurant-quality 2-burner (470 acres of area) with a flat-top. Every stainless-steel burner is equipped with 15,000 BTUs, which is a huge flame that can be turned quickly from low heat to high temperatures.

What is the difference between a flat top grill and a griddle?

It is heated below using straight heating elements running along the long length of the grid unlike a flat-top, which has many round heating elements. It’s basically a normal range top , with separate burners, and a flat cooking surface that is placed over the burners.

Are steaks better on grill or griddle?

Grilled or griddled steak blends the best qualities of a grill steak (smoky taste that can’t be duplicated) along with pan seared meat (even the caramelization process and delicious crust). However, it’s not possible to prepare a Pan Asian sauce using the grill or griddle.

What’s the difference between a grill and a Blackstone?

BBQ grills feature a sturdier cooking surface that uses the direct heat of charcoal or gas to cook food. On the other hand a Blackstone grill is a Flat, stainless steel surface used to cook food.

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